Friday, 5 July 2013

SharePoint Server 2013 Blob Cache

According to another very good practice when dealing with SharePoint Server 2013, I increased the size of a BlobCache in every web application and moved the BlobCache file outside the system drive.

In our case, we created an E:\ drive on which we stored our IIS, ULS and Usage logs as well as the Search Index to further ease-off the pressure from C:\.

I also created a 'BlobCache' folder and subdirectories for each web application in the farm, including Central Administration.

Then, I navigated to the web.config file of each web application, and opened it with Notepad.
In each file I pointed to the new directory created and increased the BlobCache size from 10 (GB) to the amount required:

As a side note: I noticed that 'Automatic Updates' were turned off for our Windows 2012 DataCenter.
I turned this on:

Stay tuned for more Sharepoint 2013 in real company!

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