Wednesday, 24 July 2013

SharePoint 2013 Document Information Panel causes Office applications to crash

Another day in working on a production SharePoint 2013 for the real company and we have some more issues! As expected!

For some reason, after a successful publish of a content type from my Content Type Hub site collection to a subscribing site collection (see my last blog post), I encountered a strange problem.
Namely, the site column which I created and included in my content type happened to be a Managed Metadata column. After configuring it to be included in a Document Information Panel and upon opening a document form a library, the office applications (Excel, Word...) were crashing. This was happening while the Document Information Panel was trying to load.
For testing purposes, I deleted a Metadata Column from the content type, later deleted content type from the Document Library and documents were opening.

I could not afford to not have a Managed Metadata column in my library therefore I had to find a solution to get it working.

The first, immediate thought that came to my mind was: Because I have MS Office 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2013 installed on my machine, I knew this can cause issues. (You have to use SharePoint Designer 2013 if you are working on SharePoint Server 2013). Both Office 2010 and SharePoint Designer are 32-bit software, otherwise they will not work. I tried to go to:

Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Click on MS Office 2010 -> Change -> Repair!

You restart the computer and it all works! The Document Information Panel loads in successfully with Managed Metadata Column in it.

Stay tuned for more issues with bloody Sharepoint!    


  1. Worked for me! Thanks for the post!

  2. Great post - a repair sorted it. Thanks!

  3. thanks...good post

  4. Fantastic! Worked a treat with office 2013 and sharepoint 2010 and SPD 2010.